Structured Coaching: At every age level, BYS coaches operate from the same playbook, developed by NCAA National Champion and Bullard Varsity Head Coach, Jaime Maxey

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What to Expect:

Shared Community Spirit: As a Bullard Area league, the BYS brings girls together to form bonds and friendships well before they enter High School

Winning Spirit: Every BYS Player will be coached to embody and define; Hustle, Encourage, Practice, Self-Control, Teamwork and Character

Inspiring Your Daughter:

All-Time Great Pitcher and US Olympic Champion, Jennie Finch has changed the game. Watch her 5 minute take on what it means to "Throw Like a Girl!"

What Your Kids Think:

"I Love To Watch You Play" is a great thing for your daughter to hear, both good games and bad. Hear it from them in this revealing video.

Keeping Perspective:

Please take 15 minutes 

to watch the linked Ted

Talk, by John O'Sullivan. John O'Sullivan is a former college and pro athlete, who now coaches youth soccer. Change the Game!